IT Equipment Decommissioning

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Technology Services at FAA offers a scrap/surplus IT equipment disposal service, free of charge to departments and individuals within FAA at Illinois. Users are encouraged to locate stockpiles of unused or unusable hardware or peripherals for disposal and contact Technology Services at FAA to arrange removal. Technology Services at FAA employees will then process the equipment according to University Property Accounting guidelines, including transferring equipment from the original units roles to Technology Services at FAA's control. Upon receiving ownership, Technology Services at FAA will arrange for University services to remove the physical equipment

Please note that this service does not apply to non-IT equipment.

Available To

This service is available to all FAA at Illinois units/departments or to individual faculty. This includes all administrative staff and students employed by the department unless otherwise specified in the service agreement.


There is no charge for this service; at this time, Technology Services at FAA covers all associated costs.


  • Secure and safe disposal of equipment according to University Property Accounting guidelines
  • Prompt and thorough equipment removal allows departments to repurpose space previously used as storage

Getting Started

Please contact the Technology Services at FAA Help Desk.


For assistance, please contact the Technology Services at FAA Help Desk. Alternatively, you can contact your primary IT support person.