Hardware Purchases

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Service Overview

Technology Services at FAA is available to lend our knowledge of computing hardware and College of Fine and Applied Arts policies to recommend suitable technologies and resources to all users.

Availablity and Hours

  • This service is available to all College of FAA units/departments, faculty and staff.
  • Service is available Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.


  • Provide expertise in the selection of hardware to meet your needs and ensure consistency across the College to reduce support challenges.
  • Reduce time to repair or replace hardware.


This service is free of charge.


Consultation and Recommendation
    • Knowledgeable staff are available to provide individual consultations on the latest computing hardware technologies and standards being used in the College, across the University, and within the field of IT.
    • Recommendations and access to purchasing deals through vendor contacts, where applicable.
    • Technology Services at FAA will also, on a semester basis, provide a list of standard configurations that can be purchased without an individual consultation needed.

Getting Started

Review Standard Hardware Recommendations

  • Please review the Computer Hardware Recommendations list first. This will help you decide if what you need is already recommended.
Making the request
    • Standard hardware recommendations will be provided within 2 business days.
    • Custom hardware recommendations will be provided within 3 business days.
    • Unit business offices will order and purchase all hardware and equipment in consultation with Technology Services at FAA recommendations.

    • Upon arrival of equipment, Technology Services at FAA will schedule a convenient time for computer setup and physical installation. 


For assistance, please contact the Technology Services at FAA Help Desk