Connecting to FileMaker Pro databases

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Technology Services at FAA Services maintains several FileMaker Pro servers hosting databases for various college units.

Affected Users

Anyone connecting to a FileMaker Pro database on a remote host


How to set up a connection to a remote FileMaker Pro host:

  • Open FileMaker Pro
  • From the FileMaker Quick Start window, click 'Browse'
  • From the Open File window, click 'Remote'
  • Change the 'View' dropdown to 'Favorite Hosts' and click 'Add'
  • In the Edit Favorite Host dialogue, enter the host's internet address. Depending on which unit you're in and to which databases you'll connect, you'll enter one of the following:
    • (Filemaker 13 server - primarily used by Music, KAM and others)
    • (Filemaker 13 server - formerly used by KCPA, soon to be retired)
    • (Filemaker 14 server - primarily used by KCPA)
    • (Filemaker 14 server - primarily used by Music, KAM and others)
  • Click 'Save'
  • Now you should see the server listed, and can expand to see the hosted databases.
  • Cancel back out to the FileMaker Quick Start screen, where you will now see the server listed. Click the triangle to expand and view contents.
  • Double-click on a database to connect to it.
    • Account Name: netID
      • If this is a domain-bound university computer, you may be able to leave the Account Name field contents alone, using your name as it has been auto-populated. Otherwise, replace the contents with your netID.
      • Password: Active Directory password (this is the same as your email password)


For general support please contact the Technology Services at FAA Help Desk