Self Service Forms

Note: Technology Services at FAA is in the process of transitioning our Knowledge Articles to Answers, the campus-wide Knowledge Resource. The contents of the article below can now be found on Answers here.

Technology Services at FAA self service forms are listed below. These forms allow you to submit the required data we need to quickly accomplish your request. Each form will essentially create a helpdesk help request on your behalf if required so that you can follow up on your submitted request.


E-Learning @ FAA is the office for e-learning initiatives and support in the College of Fine + Applied Arts at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Our services include:

  • Tech support for educational technologies (such as Illinois Compass 2g) for FAA students and instructors
  • Guidance on e-learning best practices
  • Guidance on integrating technology and instruction
  • Online course consultation and development
  • Any additional e-learning consultation needs

Any questions or help requests related to online or technology enhanced courses should be directed to E-Learning @ FAA at

  • Course Folder Request - Please submit a help desk request. Select appropriate option when submitting your request.