Education Support Services

The College is excited to offer a range of services to help you with adding technology to your classes. From online to blended to flipped to telearning enhanced, the Technology Services at FAA Educational Services team is here to help.

Below is a list of services that the team offers to help you in your meeting and exceeding your course objectives.

Services Offered:

  • Education Liaison Program - a program to have regular meetings with you and your department to assist with enabling technology in the classroom.
  • Attend faculty and/or staff meetings as needed
  • Provide strategic updates to the department from campus partners relating to technology in the classroom
  • Provide schedules of upcoming training opportunities
  • Consult regarding Banner registration processes
  • Assist in the marketing of courses and programs
  • Provide instructional design services for both online and eLearning enhanced courses
  • Create course modules (typically in Illinois Compass) to achieve learning objectives
  • Assist in small-scale media production
  • Assist in copyright issues that may arise
  • Provide technical support for students, faculty, and teaching assistants

Want to know how to get started? Send us an email at