Liaison Program

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What is the Liaison Program?

The Liaison Program promotes a personal connection from Technology Services at FAA to the Units of the College. It provides a person for you to talk to and ensures that your department's needs are being met.

Why do we need a liaison Program?

Prior to July 1st 2011, the units in the College of Fine and Applied Arts had dedicated IT staff to meet their day to day needs as well as help achieve strategic objectives. The current form and function of Technology Services at FAA changed the nature of support including both, who supports units daily tasks and how strategic vision is implemented.. It is not feasible for Technology Services at FAA to dedicate full time resources to each department. In order to provide the best service possible, including multiple new services, multiple people will be providing the service that one or two did in the past.

A common concern among Unit Executive Officers was they were not sure who would help them in selecting equipment, attending staff meetings, and someone who understood their needs enough to help recommend solutions. The purpose of the Liaison Program is to ensure that departments not only have the day to day support through Technology Services at FAA User Services, but also a person to communicate with directly. 

What can my liaison do for me?

Your liaisons are here to help as much as possible. Below are examples of what they will do along with tasks they will not be able to perform.

Tasks Performed:

  • Attend faculty and/or staff meetings as needed
  • Provide strategic updates to the department from IT as well as bring departmental concerns to IT
  • Assist in product selection where needed, including recommendations for student purchased equipment
  • Escalate any issues that may arise

Tasks Not Performed:

  • Daily Maintenance and repair of IT Issues
  • Ordering of IT Related supplies and equipment
  • Installation, removal, or upgrade of software packages

Liaison by Unit:  

Architecture, School of Shane Greenarch -
Matt McNeilly -
Art & Design, School of Michael Curtin – MCURTIN@ILLINOIS.EDU
Karl Zlotnicki -
Bands Karl Zlotnicki - KZLOTN2@ILLINOIS.EDU
Building Research Council Matt McNeilly (interim) -
Dance, Department of Beth Shirk -
Peter Vlach -
Japan House Justin Gulley -
Krannert Art Museum Beth Shirk -
Krannert Center for the Performing   Arts Peter Vlach -
Karl Zlotnicki -
Landscape Architecture, Department   of Keelan Lang - KLANG@ILLINOIS.EDU
Eric Larson -
Level 21 Beth Shirk - ESHIRK@ILLINOIS.EDU
Music, School of Shane Greenarch -
Smart Energy Assistance Center   (SEDAC) Eric Larson -
Karl Zlotnicki -
Theatre, Department of Keelan Lang – KLANG@ILLINOIS.EDU 
Matt McNeilly -
Urban and Regional Planning,   Department of Michael Curtin – MCURTIN@ILLINOIS.EDU
Eric Larson -

For support requests, call the FAA Helpdesk at 333-1986 or submit a help request at Your liaison can also be reached through Lync or by emailing them at their email address.