About Us

Technology Services at FAA Services is the primary IT services provider for the College of Fine and Applied Arts. Our mission is to ensure that all faculty, students and staff in the College have easy and well supported access to IT services that are second to none in support of their teaching, research, and learning. We pride ourselves on our user-centric approach to IT, with emphasis on effectiveness, flexibility, and transparency.

Our History

FAA-IT Services officially began July 1, 2011 when reporting lines for the current IT staff were changed to go to the Interim Director of IT Services. Detailed design and implementation of the new organization will continue through the upcoming academic year.

Greater opportunities for specialized services, elimination of needless duplication in infrastructure and facilities, and cost savings achieved through shared procurement are the chief advantages of implementing one unified Technology Services at FAA Services organization. Maintaining small, independent IT functions in each unit incurs added, often hidden, costs that are both financial and functional. Each unit is too small on its own to build an IT staff that can support increasingly advanced applications, offer the full range of services demanded by students and faculty, or take advantage of bulk purchasing benefits. A collective, shared operation will expand the range and quality of services available to students, faculty, and staff, helping FAA to remain innovative where IT intersects teaching, research, and public engagement.

On August 16, 2015, Technology Services at FAA was born. This new integration with Technology Services at Illinois (formally CITES) will permit us to deliver a broader set of services to end users (including more robust web hosting support) while decreasing the cost of operations by taking advantage of larger scale in the delivery of basic user support, storage and backup services, printing and website hosting, and purchasing. We also save by taking part in a University-wide effort to reduce duplication of services.

While we have a new name, Technology Services at FAA remains the same organization dedicated to providing technology support services with exceptional customer services.


We encourage you to further explore our website to learn about the diverse services we provide and the talented people who provide them. Whatever has brought you here, we bid you welcome!

Need help? WE are here for you. Please either submit a help request at https://helpdesk.faa.illinois.edu/ or call usl 333-1986 for assistance.

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